Hybrid Work Systems (HWS) - Platform-based AI System for Human Motion Analysis to optimize Ergonomics of Hybrid Work Systems in Industry


Development of an integrated IT service and technology bundle with which a (semi)-automatic process analysis is carried out according to time management and ergonomic criteria; development of a platform (marketplace) to enable work planning services between suppliers and demanders (marketplace). 

BMK, Austria - Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Funding code:

01.03.2021 - 31.08.2023

Project content

In many places, there is an increasing shortage of skilled workers. Hybrid working environments, i.e. a mixture of remote and on-site work in the company, offer one approach to overcoming this. With a suitable combination, the additional demand can be covered by involving external specialists and additional expertise can be brought into the company. The "Hybrid Work Systems" project developed methods and tools to support work planners.

The aim of HWS is to develop an integrated IT service and technology bundle with which (semi)-automatic process analyses can be carried out according to time management and ergonomic criteria. The platform acts as an intermediary by providing the necessary infrastructure to enable work planning services between providers and users (marketplace). In addition, digital methods and technologies such as video-based motion analysis, AI-supported object recognition and digital planning systems such as ema Work Designer and TiCon are provided and models for their interaction are developed. This will support the parties in analyzing and designing work processes.

The research project focuses on

  • Integration profiles and interface engines for hybrid human/machine workstations
  • Video-based motion analysis for the detection of production activities
  • Semantic description of work processes for detailed process planning
  • Interfaces for human-machine situation recognition in production environments
  • Interoperation of movement analysis, cognitive and semantic models
  • Embedding the services and validation in a European production platform

Research focus imk

In the project, Imk is working on the further development of methods for the digital planning and simulation of work processes using video-based movement data and integration into a prototype platform.

  • Simulation and analysis of industrial use cases at the industrial partners BRP and INNIO (cylinder head assembly, test bench, welding processes)
  • Integration of motion data from video-based motion analysis in ema and its semi-automatic segmentation
  • Derivation of temporal and ergonomic evaluations based on movement data in ema
  • Prototypical integration of digital work planning services using ema and validation of the platform

Project partner

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Michael Spitzhirn

Specialist Virtual Ergonomics Methods Coordinator Research Projects & ema Education